Music News - 2011

New Release by Paul Craver

"Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You"

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Release Date: Monday – Aug 22, 2011 Stock # - KHP -1100

This album is a collection of 6 New Releases and some classics recorded by Paul recently and other tunes where he was the lead vocalist in Shakstik, Shagtime, and Kruze. The 1994 song Timeless, penned by Va Native Ron Moody, is included in the project as well. These classics have been digitally re-mastered. Paul performed these tunes in Belgium during August 2011 and “The Emperor” was truly embraced in many ways. These music lovers have enjoyed Paul’s music contributions the their ever popular “Popcorn & Oldies Collections". Project produced by Paul Craver & Keith Houston.

Music News - 2010

If the first month of 2010 lends any indication, the talent that is Paul Craver is growing better by the decade. Which means, of course, that this decade will be the award-winning vocalist's best yet.

Selections from Craver's fourth and latest solo CD, "The Emperor", have appeared with steady consistence on various national and international Carolina Beach Music charts since the project's release last July. After being voted 2009 Solo Album of the Year by the Carolina Beach Music Academy in November, the project is now seeing some of its singles break into Top Ten positions on several of those charts.

Blue Moon', the first official release from "The Emperor," claimed the #9 spot for January on WillieC’s RnB Top 50 and continues its presence on 94.9 The Surf's Weekly Top 40 Countdown.

Another classic - and the album's first track - “One Hundred Pounds of Clay”, found its place at a solid #7 on the Foxx Survey as compiled by DJ James "Foxx" Reddish of Foxx-Works Media based in Monroe, North Carolina.

Stay tuned...more great works from "The Emperor" are bound to show up on Carolina Beach Music airwaves and dance floors in the coming months.

Music News - 2009


The Carolina Beach Music Acadamy named Paul Craver's fourth CD release as the organization's 2009 Solo Album of the Year. This is Craver's fourth full length solo project, and his fourth win in this category.

"The Emperor" has already been hailed as Craver's best effort to date, and we would like to thank the CBMA as well as anyone who voted for what critics internationally have dubbed "a CBMA musical masterpiece."


Mike Little - July 2009

Mr. Distinctively Beach, Paul Craver, has now released his
fourth solo album, "The Emperor," on the KHP label
The title, of course, relates to his recent superhit, "Emperor
Of My Baby’s Heart" from the Ripete/KHP compilation
release, "Keep On Shaggin". The song topped the charts and
still remains a favorite for dancegoers.

Also found on Paul’s new release is his current hit, "Girl I
Love You," which was originally released on the KHP
compilation, "Gettin' Ready For Showtime", as well as "(I’m
Just A) Fool For You," which appeared on the KHP/NARBDJ
release, "Coast To Coast…Let’s Dance". His latest single, "Blue
Moon," which recently entered the charts and is rising, is
also part of "The Emperor".

There are a number of new songs on the album that are
sure to catch everyone’s attention, including "Wine Spo-
Dee- O-Dee," the Jimmy James & The Vagabonds’ "Hey
Girl," the Charlie Rich classic, "River Stay Away From My
Door" and "I’ll Be There," the song that was originally
recorded by Bobby Darin. You will also find an up-tempo
number, "Feeling Happy," a Big Joe Turner original, as well as
"One Hundred Pounds Of Clay." The latter is a blend between
the Gene McDaniels charted song and the version that was
recorded by Bobby Womack.

Check out "Love Won’t Wait." Originally done by Bobby
Caldwell, you will like Paul’s rendition. In fact, I believe
that "Love Won’t Wait" will be the next Paul Craver hit out of
the chute, quickly following "Blue Moon," as this song
continues to rise in the charts.

He joins Marlisa Dillon in a Jerry Butler/Betty Everett
duet, "Let It Be Me."

There is also a bonus track on the album, "I Could Be Your
Everything," which was originally recorded in 1984
when Paul was with ShagTime. You did know he was with
ShagTime with Willis Blume. Paul also sang lead on
ShagTime’s biggest hit, "Mr. Beach". Prior to that he was
with Cannonball, the group that recorded the single, "You Keep
Telling Me Yes." After ShagTime, he moved on to
partner with Tony Davis, reviving the Kruze Band. It was
then that "Shoo Do Foo Foo Ooh" was recorded as a single,
which later appeared on the Ripete compilation, "Shag Yer
Blooz Away Volume 2" and the Quickhouse Productions
release, "Salt Air". Returning to ShagTime, Paul stood as the
group’s leader until The Men Of Distinction was formed, with
his singing lead on The Men’s hits, such as "It Won’t Be This
Way Always," "Brand New Me," "Don’t Be Afraid" and others.
He later began performing solo, yet keeping his position with
The Men. During this period, he won several Carolina Beach
Music Awards for his music, including his 2002 induction into
the organization’s Beach Music Hall Of Fame. In 2003, Paul
retired from The Men of Distinction, continuing to
perform and record solo. In 2007, he received the CBMA
award for Smoothie of the Year, "Emperor Of My Baby’s
Heart." Paul also recently began deejaying, subsequently
becoming a member of the Association of Beach & Shag
Club DJ’s. Between his singing performances and his deejay
stints, he stays busy with his successful Craver Tile Company.

Paul Craver is truly the “Emperor of Beach Music”, and
his new release,"The Emperor", proves Paul is distinctively
“Mr. Distinctively Beach”.

February 17, 2009

This Saturday, the grand opening of The Valley at Eastport will be more than your basic discounted golf rates, cocktail party, etc.

First, the day-long event is open to the public. In fact
94.9 The Surf will hold its Weekly Top 40 Beach &
Boogie Countdown on location there beginning at 9am.

But secondly, the event presents a reunion of sorts.

For the first time in six years, Marlisa Dillon will join Paul Craver for a live vocal performance between 6 and8pm.

"When I hear a song," said Craver earlier this week, "first I listen to see what kind of message it has...Does it paint a picture in one's mind? Next I consider [whether] I like a song well enough to record it."

"Deed I Do" met Craver's criteria several years ago.With Dillon, he delivered an upbeat recording of "Deed I Do" on Let the Music Play,
the CBMA's Solo Album of the year back in 2003. If you missed the Craver-Dillon rendition of the jazz standard, go get it.

Get it now.

With music written by Fred Rose, the simple lyrics penned by Walter Hirsch became a hit during the Jazz Age - those wonderfully Roaring `20's just before the Depression years. Initially recorded in 1926 by
Ruth Etting, the song charted just a year later and was destined to become a classic. Among the string of artists to follow up with their own versions through the years are Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles,
Lena Horne, Marvin Gaye, Peggy Lee and Nat King Cole.

But it's that vocal combination of Craver and Dillon - his smoothness and her sass - that makes the song an oft-overlooked gem in studios and clubs within the Carolina Beach Music industry.

Maybe the tables will turn after Craver deejays at The Valley
and brings Dillon onstage Saturday. Hopefully those in attendance
will tell their friends how Dillon's voice surges into the duet with infectious fun at just the right time.

Or how Craver strides with utter confidence through his
expert vocal paces. Or how seamlessly the two vocal styles mesh over the well-tuned beat - one-and- two, three-and-four, five, six - that makes the song so "shaggable".

Or how the song fits the voices as well as the voices fit the song.

And maybe, just maybe, these friends beyond The Valley will tell their friends, who'll tell their friends, and so on until "Deed I Do" surfaces on radio and club circuits to prove the final point of Craver's theory:
that selecting the right material is a two-way street.

The selection of a successful record, he says, requires more than a singer's like for a song.

"To have a hit (with a song), that song has to like me. [When] it does, more than likely it'll be a hit."

Music News - 2008

February 8, 2008

It's not available on CD yet, but Paul Craver's latest release is
scaling radio charts so fast it'll make your head spin.

Members of 94.9 The Surf's listening community cast online
votes that gave "(I'm Just A) Fool For You" its debut spot on the Weekly Top 40 Beach and Boogie Countdown two weeks
ago. The following week, the song moved up - get this - 18
notches to claim the #12 position.

And in case you're wondering,'s that good, and's in the Ms. Distinctively Beach Top 20 this month.
The original recording, performed by Gene Chandler
on the 1966 Constellation release, has that classic mixture
of Motown and R&B that made the 1960's such a prominent era
in music history.

"(I'm Just A) Fool For You" is already gaining momentum as a
contender for Smoothie of the Year in the 2008 CBMA Awards
and, I'm betting, will result in other Cammy nominations for
Craver as well.